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Essay on Sympathy is Far Greater than Gold

 Sympathy is Far Greater than Gold

Essay on Sympathy is Far Greater than Gold

As an emotion, sympathy cannot be returned to the person who sympathized with you, but gold can be returned to the person who gave it to you at any time. Hence, sympathy is of greater significance than gold. Many people have been saying this since childhood. They say sympathy is better than gold. Even those who don't understand sympathy are saying this. Even cruel people say this. I know sympathy is a tool to relieve sorrow.
Sympathy works in places where money is needed, but where sympathy is required, money can't work at all. Sympathy builds our strength, makes us feel we're not alone and makes us feel cared for. When you show sympathy, it's easy. Sympathy is cheap and doesn't cost a penny. Gold, on the other hand, has value. Cannot be given away as easily. But if sympathy is true, it's more valuable than gold.

Human sympathy assists us in understanding the feelings, experiences, and situations of others, whether they are good or bad. This can lead to better decision making for a variety of reasons since we are all capable of understanding our own emotions. Those who share the feelings of another are said to feel sympathy, which comes from the Greek root sym, which means "together," and pathos, which means emotion, for example when someone close is grieving or suffering a loss.
Essay on Sympathy is Far Greater than Gold

If a person is feeling very bad and facing the problem of depression then gold will not help him to come out of depression but a person's sympathy for him can help him to come out of depression because at that time people need someone who can make him feel positive and he can overcome overthinking which leads to depression. That is the reason why sympathy is far better than Gold. Sympathy is far greater than Gold because one can earn gold but cannot sympathy.

A Politician can win the election more easily with the help of sympathy but not with Gold. Sympathy can make a less popular politician, the leader but gold cannot. You cannot gain sympathy with the help of gold but you easily earn gold if you gain sympathy.


Sympathy plays a very important role in anyone life, especially when facing a very hard time but gold cannot work all the time. With gold, you cannot earn sympathy but a person's sympathy can help you to overcome your hard time that's the reason "Sympathy is Far Greater Than Gold".

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