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Essay on Rome was not Built in a Day

 Rome was not Built in a Day

Essay on Rome was not Built in a Day

Apparently, the most beautiful city on earth, Rome, in Italy, did not occur overnight! Rome slowly developed to become the most amazing and admired city in the entire world, and it took an inordinate amount of time for such a feat to occur. True success in life comes from hard work and commitment to one's goals. This is what brings one's dreams to reality. Many struggles in life, but very few succeed. Thus, the proverb “Rome was not built in a day” is correctly phrased and emphasizes the invaluable qualities of hustle, perseverance, and dedication to achieving a dream.
As big as our dreams are, we must act and continue making progress in that direction. We should not give up until we reach our goals. 'Rabbit and Tortoise' is a classic tale in which Rabbit is much faster than Tortoise, but he takes a rest midway through the race, while Tortoise continues steadily throughout the race, winning the race. We need a positive attitude to move forward in life in order to achieve success and attain achievement. However, success in life will take a certain amount of time if we are determined to achieve our goals.

rome was not built in a day

Understanding the meaning of the phrase, it may be concluded that a person must demonstrate a lot of patience to achieve a great deal in life. We may not have an easy choice to fulfil great dreams, but we can remain patient. To leave our mark on history, we must work hard. Working hard has led to the success of many legends, such as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Ravish Kumar, and Lata Mangeshkar. We can certainly take a lot of lessons from the great achievers all around us, for they worked very hard for what they dreamed of. Great personalities took years and years to achieve what they dreamed of, so we should certainly follow their example as well.
Along with knowing your dreams, you also need to think about what is possible on the other side. A businessman may start a small enterprise and continue to work day after day to expand it over time. Until he accomplishes his goal, he works hard. In order to achieve what he wants, he must focus on his habits rather than on achieving his final goal one day. He does not have to attain his goal in a day but works every day to move forward and grow. This gives him satisfaction.
Rome was not built in a day - hard work

In order to obtain their respective positions, artists, athletes, and industrialists had to work very hard.


We are never appreciated for the things that come easy in life. However, knowing that we wait for something throughout our lives and work hard to achieve it, as long as we are able to accomplish it with constant efforts and our abilities, then that's the true victory we can be proud of. Whatever we want comes to us easily or whatever we want to work hard for, we always have the choice. The proverb "Rome was not built in a day" teaches us how to be consistent, hard work and patient by showing us the example of the most beautiful city Rome, which was established over a very long period of time.

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