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Essay on impact of cinemas in life

 Impact of Cinemas in Life

Cinemas are for fun, enjoyment and sometimes gives a good message to society. It gives us break from regular life. As technologies are upgrading, Cinemas uses good effects which make them so real like its happen in front of us. In starting era of cinemas, it only shoots movies but with coming days now there is much more like serials, web series which are releasing on OTT(On The Top) platforms.

Cinema has greatly influenced an individual's everyday life and the population in general. Cinemas are expressions of reality and include elements happening in society. Cinema reflects the reality of the world. Just like the early theatres, cinema depicts the crude reality and people at large.

Initially, movies were only available in theaters. With the help of technologies, It is now present on your smartphone where you can easily subscribe any app like netflix, disney hotstar, Zee5 and many more and than you can watch movies on them. Some movies are also present on Youtube

Cinema is a great escape from reality. It allows us to experience the world of imagination filled with vibrant colors and sounds. It also boosts our enthusiasm for movies. Movies shows us good and bad part both by which people should understand the responsibility. Some movies gives us special life lessons by which we can change our life in a good way or may be sometime bad.

Benefits of Cinemas in Our daily life:

  1. Movies reflect society and give us a sense of the reality of society. They teach us about issues we were ignorant of. Similarly, they help us socialize with others. They teach us about the pros and cons of habits and trends.
  2. Movies connect people, start conversations, and broaden our vision and thinking. Most importantly, they connect different cultures and introduce us to different kinds of art, allowing us to expand our knowledge of the world.
  3. Each kind of film affects the audience differently and evokes different emotions, so everyone can find what he is looking for in a film. Moreover, films affect the way people live, especially teenagers.

Disadvantages of Cinemas in our daily life:

  1. Teenagers' lives are affected, positively and negatively, by movies just like everything else in this world. Movies can cause health problems and waste of time and resources. They can also create false notions.
  2. The cinema is harmful on several levels. First of all, it stereotypically portrays religious practices, communities, and gender roles. This creates tension and has an adverse effect on people and societies.
  3. Cinema is one of the top platforms that objectifies women and is often sexist through its content. Cinema is also one of the platforms that becomes addicting due to its addictive nature.

Cinema contributes to the present day eve-teasing and vulgarity problems, and presents crime, violence, and sexuality in a hideous way. It shows how society is running or writer's mind how he see the society of present days.


Cinema gives a great impact on our life. It's not cinema it's you who decide good and bad part of movie, choose wisely. Cinemas helps us to learn how to live in society, how to deal with problems, and many more such thing. Many of us who don't read books, movies help them to understand how to speak, and more such thing. Cinemas have both good and bad part, we are the one who choose which path we have to move.

That's all from us.
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