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Essay on Failures are the Pillar of Success

 Failures are the Pillar of Success

One who fears failure will never try anything and this makes a person unsuccessful. The road to success is not very difficult but it requires consistency and patience. Those who did not fear failure have the benefit of trying again and again and this makes his failures, the pillar of success. The one who tries again and again instead of failures will definitely get success because he/she is far better than the one who never tries due to fear of failures. From failures and mistakes, one learns a lot and this helps a person in achieving success. Even if one has failed many times, there is no harm in giving it another try. This proverb "Failures are the pillar of Success" means that those who did not fear failures, learn from their mistakes and try again and again will make failures for them the pillar of success.

Every successful person has failed at least once. Failure indicates your weaknesses, inadequacies, lack of preparation, and lack of effort. If you are able to learn from your failures, you will definitely achieve your goals. Making a mistake is not a crime, but the ability to correct it is.

Failures are the pillar of success

What is the definition of Success?

Achieving a defined range of expectations is a success. It may be considered to be the opposite of failure. The criterion for success may depend on the audience or the viewer. Especially in the case of direct competition, one person's success might be another's failure. Grades are often used by educational systems as a way to measure a student's success.

Key to Success

Key to Success

Oftentimes, your attempts may fail, but that is a normal process. It holds a treasure of unimaginable value. There are two sides to every coin, success, and failure. If you have not tasted failure, you cannot know the value of success. Those who have experienced failure gain confidence: Most successful men have attained success after experiencing failures. They learn from their failures. The courageous embrace challenges in life. You need the determination to stay focused on something for a long time, the time that it takes to accomplish anything great. 

Why do People fear failure?

It is not uncommon for perfectionists to fear failure so much that they won't venture outside their comfort zone. They can't risk failing. Often, when we talk about failure, we think about things in a negative way. We say that failure is painful and that it causes a great deal of emotional turmoil. It leaves us feeling remorseful, guilty, and regretful.


The problem is that people these days have lost heart at a moment's notice. Students suffer from examination phobia and peer pressure. It is very common for humans to have high expectations of themselves, which lead to depression or even suicide if not met. You should realize that failure does not mean the end of the world. There would be many opportunities to succeed. In conclusion, one should never give up but keep on trying until he or she succeeds. You never know if this is your final round and you get the title.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1- Who Said, "Failure is the Pillar of Success"?

Samuel Beckett has quoted this apt proverb many times. People fail thousands of times before they succeed for the first time.

Question 2- Why is Failure good for Success?

When you fail, it is an opportunity to reassess your goals and where you want to be. ... If you don't want to keep going after your failure, you may not be committed to the goal. If your goal remains the same, fantastic - use the failure to motivate you.

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