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Essay on Should plastic be banned?

Should Plastic be Banned 

We live in a society, where people use plastic or polybag in general store to carry product. Plastic is man-made thing which is invented in1907 by  Leo Hendric Bakeman in New York. It is made up of phenol and formaldehyde. 
Say No to Plastic Bags

Plastic is harmful for all living organism. Plastic is very cheap and can be produce very easily. It is lighter in weight and non-degradable. 

Properties of plastic are as follow:

  • It is hard and highly dense material
  • Tensile strength of  plastic is high
  • It is heat and high temperature resistant
  • Plastic is insulative(non-conductor) in nature
Plastic bags or polybag which we used to carry product from shops like milk, biscuit and many more. we use plastic to hold liquid item. As it is very cheap and easy to made, plastic bags are widely in use. In many shop like, Tea stall, Sweets stall and so on use to give their item in polybags which is harmful for all of us. As tea or sweets are hotter and combine with chemical which is harmful for your health. We use plastic to carry goods but it is non-degradable, it become bad product for earth and make environment unhealthy.
Many plastic bags are thrown in garbage which is then eaten by animal. Due to which many animals are dead. Plastic are piling up. On earth, its about 5trillion plastic are there which is most dangerous for nature.

Plastic should be banned as its harmful effects are as follows:

  1. Plastic bags is made up of non-renewable resources like polypropylene. As it creates greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.
  2. Bitter truth is that Petroleum based plastic bags never degrade. Many bags are floating in seas and ocean as it is lightweight.
  3. Plastic bags are toxic in nature as it is made of harmful chemicals. Sometime plastic which is thrown in garbage is eaten by animal and they lose their life.
  4. Plastic bags are also harmful for humans as human carry eatable products in polybag which contain harmful chemical.
  5. plastic bags are easy to create but hard to remove from nature.
  6. Plastic bags are not easy to recycle. The actual recycled plastics are approx. 5%.

Plastics bags should be banned as when china banned plastic bags than amount of plastic bag reduced to  40 billion. If many countries started banning plastic than environment will get clear by coming years.
After banning, people could use paper bags or recycled bags to carry products. 
We should build banners and motivate to use recycled products and keep supporting green industries. 

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