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Essay on Action Speak louder than word

 Action Speak Louder Than Word

We are always confused as many people speaks but don't do their work on time. They lost trust by others because trust grows when people do what they speak. Trust grows when people speak less and do right action at right time. 
Action speak louder than word

When we say something about what they can get, they got satisfaction for sometime but when you provide them proper work then trust will be build. Taking action for right work, so that people can trust you is more important than what you speak.
In today's era, people do advertisement of their work, shops, company and else in which they tell you about their work which they will do for you. But if you go their and get less work of what they advertises than the trust which you gained by their advertisement will be lost. So Action speak louder than word is important in everyones life.

We could understand Action speak louder than word by examples

Political Rally:

In political rally, many poltician come and speaks what they can do for public when their party will be ruling party of their area. They made many promises to public for which public gets momentary satisfaction. They will tell you their future plans and many more things for which you can give them your vote. But if what they speak their and you can't get the result in your area then the trust grown between you and that political leader will be lost. Therefore, Action is more important than word.

Shop of clothes:

When we go to buy clothes, we use to find cheap and best to wear. In a shop where you buy clothes says the quality of his product is too nice that it will not get discolor after some time which give you satisfaction that clothes will not discolor, you buy it but when it discolor your trust lost. So never speak anything that you can't provide them. This will cause on degradation of trust towards your trust. Don't tell them about your product just give them good product. After some they will visit only your shop for quality products. Therefore, Action is much important than your word.
Shop of clothes

Corporate company's employee:

In company there were many employees, What if an employee says what he can do. He speaks lots about himself that what he can do, what he has achieved. But when he comes to work, he can't handle his job. For company leader gets satisfied when he talks but when he come to work, he will get disappointed. So, we shouldn't tells what we can't do. It breaks trust which is most dangerous. We should give our work instead of word. Therefore, Action is much important than words.

Nowadays people who talk less and give their work, they are said to be ideal person. To get successful, we have to build trust which will come from work not by words. Sometimes words are harmful, as it insults you. 

Now we come to students. Students are more important for countries development as they are the future of country. They use to speak much about what they did and what they can do, unless they can do work instead of talking about what they can do. As students have lots of energy by which they can make their future bright. Instead of talking about other they should work on themselves and get trusted by their close ones. we know that parents trust us blindly but when we don't give them result or what we speak to them and they don't get(results). After sometime, their trust breaks and they started thinking about what his/her child will do in future. so, we should think about that and work on it unless of speaking.
Action speak louder than word


Action speaks louder than word, so we should start thinking about this. As some phrases makes our life beautiful and show us truth. We should start working instead of saying what we can do. This will help us building trust with everyone wherever you work.

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