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Essay on How can e-technology help farmers come out of distress?

 How e-technology can assist farmers in overcoming hardship?

Computers, software, telecommunications, and the internet are some of the examples of information and communication technologies that have become so prevalent and have impacted the way society works, leading many to consider this a new age.
E-technology provides farmers with information that helps them make informed decisions that impact their agricultural activities, and, in most cases, information technology can improve farm management. The use of technology enhances the efficiency of the use of different inputs, such as water, seeds, and fertilizers. There was a huge benefit for every sector of society from technology, but it is the agriculture sector that needs more attention. We will see how technology can help us to overcome our distress.
Farm Tech

A farmer's practice is now reaching new heights, extending from farm to fork in the future. The use of technology has provided farmers with specific insights into identifying crop diseases, forecasting weather patterns, analyzing crop inputs, and identifying crop diseases to better manage their crops. 
Chameleon is a device that improve the life of farmers as this device can measure the soil moisture by changing the colour of the soil. A device like this can help farmers visualise how much water is in a plant needed and distributed equally among farmers in remote regions where there is little water available for irrigation due to the lack of water.

Government giving benefits of e-technology to farmers

As part of the National Agriculture Market's launch in 2016, the government introduced e-NAM (National Agriculture Market), a web-based platform to offer farmers the best prices across markets by integrating agricultural markets online and providing farmers and traders with an easy way to view all the Agriculture Produce Market Committee's reports. 
mkisan webpage

Many technology has been built for the fate of farmers. Such as
  1. Kisan Suvidha apk - In the areas of crops, horticulture, veterinary, etc., these apps offer useful information to growers. The apps were developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), State Agricultural Universities and Krishi Vigyan Kendras.
  2. Kisan Web Portal- SMS-based Kisan Portal ( for distributing crop-related advisories to registered agriculturists.
  3. Plantix apk-  An Android app developed by the Karnataka government in 2018, assists farmers in detecting pests, plant diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.
  4. Soil Health Card- Introducing the Soil Health Card Scheme for the State Governments, who will give cards to all growers once in a two-year cycle. Soil health cards provide information on nutrient replenishment to all farmers. These soil health cards provide an overview of soil nutrient content as well as recommendations on what nutrients to apply to improve soil fertility and crop productivity.

Significance of e-technology in farming

E-technology benefits farmers in understanding their soil moisture, weather, pesticides and many more. Technique and technology provide benefits to farming and resources which are used unnecessarily are now stopped due to knowledge of soil moisture. Their are many technologies which helped farmer to know in which amount they should spray pesticide and use fertilizers. 
Crop Farm

Some of major significances are as follows:
  1. Technology provides a much-needed lifeline for the agricultural sector in India, where the agricultural sector is threatened by water crisis, desertification, pests, diseases and a chronic lack of infrastructure.
  2. Farmers have all the information needed in their hands by the help of e-technology by which they can make better and informed decisions about their agricultural activities, grain storage, communication channels, distribution, and more.
  3. Farmers can adopt innovative technology in the technological age in order to gain control over market dynamics and leverage market insight without relying on traders.
  4. The technology can accurately predict yields, sowing seasons, crop needs, and many other things, which can enable farmers to have a better grasp of their farming and plan accordingly.

Key role played by person in helping farmers to use e-technology

Agriculture is important for all of us. As technology is updating day-to-day, we should take the benefits of e-technology in farming. As a responsible person, we should give knowledge to farmers and make them realize that technology can give them better result in farming. E-technology can give them better amount of income and it can help them to use use resources as per needed. As population is increasing, demand of food is increasing. As a responsible, we should help farmer in learning technologies.
Government should come in front to give knowledge of technology and help them to sell and buy their product in good price. Government should provide technique and technologies for better growth of farmers.


E-technology helped farmer to know about soil moistures, weather and many more. A farmer's only way to increase productivity and decrease water usage is through technology. The reduction of pollutants will also have a positive effect on natural ecosystems. There will be fewer chemicals in rivers and underground water.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. How e-technology can assist farmers in overcoming hardship?
Ans. In remote areas where a little amount of water is available for irrigation, the equipment is useful in helping farmers visualize the amount of water in plants and can help distribute water equally among growers to avoid conflicts.

2. How can technology help farmers?
Ans. Farming can be more efficient and productive with less manpower, and increase yields with fewer inputs. 

3. What is digital technology in agriculture?
Ans. Farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture value chain can improve their food production by integrating new and advanced technologies, as part of digital agriculture.

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