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Essay on Online vs Offline education

 Online Vs Offline Education

Education is important for everyone as it develop sense to live good life and make your life successful. It help in growth of countries in many aspects. Education make us thinkable about thing which makes you disciplined, responsible etc. Due to covid-19 crisis, World was stopped. As covid-19 virus was transmitted one person to other person. Factories, companies, shops, universities, colleges, school were closed. People were getting effected badly due to this. Then companies started work from home. Many school and colleges started giving online classes with the help of google meet, zoom application in mobile or desktop.

Here, we will discuss about Is online class better than offline classes.

Online Education

Online education is that which we get with the help of internet. For online classes, we use application like Google meet, Microsoft team, Zoom and many more applications. As in lockdown many of us started learning online. Ins starting days, we are interested to read online as we get gadgets of own. Online education have both advantages as well as disadvantage. Online application help us read anywhere with the use of device and internet connection. It is helpful of urban areas where internet connectivity is easily available. But in rural areas people get worst affected as college said they will teach them online. And to learn online student need good internet connectivity.

In online classes, teachers or professors can't see every student as in offline classes. Students can do what they want. They can go another application in the mid of classes. Sometimes, gadgets distract from studies which affect their result. Online classes somehow good for theoretical studies but for practical this can harm their skill. 

Advantages of Online studies:

  1. We can study anywhere at anytime with the help of online classes.
  2. Online education lower the budget of education.
  3. You get to see one lecture more time as it has been recorded.
Disadvantages of Online studies:

  1. Internet connectivity issues to connect in classes.
  2. Communication issues between teacher and students
  3. Distraction of device which they get study
  4. Can't do practical online except some courses
  5. Harm student health specially Eye.

Offline Education

Offline classes is that which we get in classroom of colleges, schools. We studied in front of teachers physically. Teachers can give full attention toward student as they are in front of them. Gadgets can be hacked or student can misuse it but in offline classes, they are in front of teachers and can't do another activity during studies in class. In offline class, there will not be connectivity issues. Therefore, communication between students and teachers will be good. Physically, They will do practical in front of teacher which will be very beneficial for them. 

Many colleges give industrial visit to their student which isn't possible in online classes. People from rural areas also don't have problem in communication. But the cost of Offline Education is too high as it takes lots of equipment, travelling expanse, and many more.

Advantages of Offline studies:

  1. Communication between teacher and students will be good.
  2. Student will not distract on other thing.
  3. Practical work can be done easily in offline classes.
  4. Health of students will not degrade as in online classes.
  5. Their isn't the need of internet connectivity.
Disadvantages of Offline studies:

  1. In offline classes, we can't attend lectures anywhere we want. It won't be recorded.
  2. Budgets of offline is somehow higher than online education.
  3. You don't have option watch the lecture which you have missed.

Online Education and Offline Education

Online education and offline education both are good and bad at their own places. If their is pandemic like covid-19. we will obviously go for online classes. As it doesn't need physical interaction between student and teacher. For online classes, Student have to be focused, motivated. Keep taking break after sometime as it affect vision of eyes. And if their is no pandemic than offline classes are far better than online as it lack communication between students and teachers. In offline classes student won't get distracted, if they get distract than they will get scold by teachers or professors.


We conclude that both online education and offline education have different aspects of studies as both have its advantages as well as disadvantages. Students have to see their benefits and choose between them to study. 

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