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Essay on The rat race of competitive exams

Essay on The rat race of competitive exams 

Competition is increasing in daily life. They are becoming more and more difficult and the competition is growing every day. Competitions are started from childhood, for the admission in the school. Competitive exams primarily decide who is best for schools, colleges and jobs.
All students want to study at a prestigious college and university. They also want to do the job in MNCs like companies. The rat race of competitive examinations is due to fewer seats in colleges and institutes. 
The number of students who fill the form for the competitive exams is increasing every year. The student takes good tuition and guidance to reach the highest rank for taking admissions. This challenging competition is given by all students in fact running rat competitive exams.

By giving competitive exams, we know that what we can do, but it doesn't tell us what our interest is. Many times we enjoy solving the physics problem practically as well as theoretically, but getting few marks on it. This isn't to say that you cannot perform in physics. You must follow your interest. A competitive exam is just for admission, but as we know a single piece of paper does not determine our future. We should work hard to get where we want to go.

The healthy competition allows all students to find out what they are. Some of the most popular examinations are:
  1. JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)
  2. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)
  3. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  4. GATE (Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering)

Competitive Exams before graduation

JEE is for students seeking engineering. This exam is taken in two-part:
  • JEE mains
  • JEE Advanced
If students clear JEE mains, then they can appear in JEE Advanced and can take admission in NITs, IIITs, other government colleges according to their rank in the exam.

NEET is for the students who want to do medicine. By clearing NEET they get good colleges.

Competitive Exams after graduation

UPSC is the public service exam that is given by graduate students who wish to serve their country like IAS, IPS, and many other positions. There are about 750 to 800 seats for which millions fill out the form.
GATE is the tests that are given after the B. Tech exam for admission into M.Tech or for taking good jobs. There are very few seats in government colleges for M.Tech, therefore, students have to give tough competition to study in IITs.

Preparation for competitive Exams

Student must complete their syllabus of competitive exams. Since we take care to study subjects, we must also take care of the logic that we must prepare for examinations. We should practice previous year's competitive papers. If you're studying in tuition then you should try to compete with other students and give your best.

Students need to prepare their notes and keep with them as many student studies in different cities should take care of their copy of notes. The rat race competitive examinations will be clear when you will be working hard, taking notes, making revisions, solving issues from the previous year.


The rat race competition exam becomes more difficult and also several students increase annually. Students must study hard, make notes, solve the previous year's paper. They must take care of every mark as 1 mark can decrease or increase your rank. You need to follow your strategy to resolve papers in competitive examinations.

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