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Essay on Live and Let Live

 Live and Let Live

Essay on Live and Let Live

All humans are created in the image of God, therefore everybody has the right to live. No caste, no creed, no colour, and no religion should endanger human lives. Ultimately, this saying teaches us the lesson of brotherhood and promotes peace and understanding between people. Although competition is everywhere, we should all follow this saying for peace and understanding. To gain the major share of something, set principles are abandoned. All do their utmost to gain profit by exploiting one another. Money has become the driving force behind everything we do. Everyone wants to move ahead and leave others behind. Individuals and nations both benefit from this situation. A gain for one leads to a loss for another. It is immoral to deny others their rightful share. The earth is not the exclusive property of a select few.
Live and Let Live - India

As inheritors of the joys and beauty of the earth, we should live in harmony. It wouldn't be possible for a man to live in comfort and peace in such an atmosphere. We need to give up greed and intolerance and live as brothers and sisters. It is, therefore, crucial for people to have the feeling of brotherhood. Live and let live should be the guiding principle of everyone. If the strong bully the weak, society will crumble. The weak will suffer. Humanity will suffer.

The world that we live in is a small one. There is no way to increase the land area of the earth. So we must live peacefully and let others live peacefully as well. Using the resources of the world should in fact mean ensuring those resources aren't taken away from anyone else. This means that our mental setup must be based on equality, justice, and fair distribution. There are some neighbours that find it difficult to comprehend the progress of others, especially when it comes to international affairs. These countries would do better to put in more effort and emulate those who are making progress. Resentment and obstructionism are not helpful. It is not good for anybody to be jealous or obstructionist. Nation and individuals alike are affected by this.
Live and Let Live - India

We believe in peace and want a peaceful world. India signed the peace treaty with China in the spirit of "Live and Let Live," but the actions of some of our neighbours give us negative signals. Pakistan has often perceived India's friendship as weakening, but India has extended her hand of friendship to them. In the future, we hope that all countries will realize that all countries will benefit from being generous, friendly, cooperative, and equitably treated. Conflict and intransigence bring harm to all.


Live and Let Live with Peace

All nations, countries, communities and sectors of society should follow the policy of "Live and Let Live". The world can only be a worthy place to live if we follow the advice of our holy books, prophets, and well-wishers for mankind. To live in peace and harmony, we must follow the Principle of "Live and Let Live".

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