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Essay on As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

 As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Essay on As you sow, so shall you reap

As you Sow, So shall you reap means that a person's results will be determined by their actions. Likewise, a farmer can't expect to reap potatoes if he sows tomatoes, and the same applies to the race that you won't stand first if you didn't run in all of the races. All religions in the world talk about Karma in their sacred texts, and the Golden Rule is an implicit reference to the theory As you Sow, So shall you reap. No matter what we do, we will be rewarded or punished according to our actions. Natural law never allows us to escape. Reaping and sowing are two sides of the same coin.
We must be honest and dedicated in order to get good results. We must not be lazy and we must not procrastinate, since when we procrastinate, we will not finish our work on time. Being honest is also a valuable trait.

as you sow, so shall you reap

According to all religious books including the Bible, the Quran, and the Bhagwad Gita doing the right deeds is what leads to happiness, because only then do we reap its benefits. A person gets rewarded according to his or her deeds. If one does good deeds, then he or she will get good results whereas if one did something dishonestly, one will get bad results. As the great paymaster, God is our craftsman, we are the clay, and He is our Potter. Let your work be remembered by the one who made you, and you will receive your reward, good or bad.

as you sow, so shall you reap for students

Sometimes a student who doesn't study his textbooks may succeed in his exams. Sometimes a person can get success without even trying. However, these cases are rare. A person's actions usually determine whether he or she is rewarded with good or bad fruit. 

The consequences of our actions depend closely on the actions themselves. While virtuous deeds provide a pleasant outcome, evil deeds bring pain and misery. Most people ignore this reality and worry unnecessarily about the future. How our future turns out is highly impacted by the choices we make today. Success in life often derives from hard work, courage, fortitude, and willingness to handle obstacles.


At any juncture, at any time, "as you sow, so shall you reap" is well respected and observed in human relationships as well as in the competitive marketplace today. Rightly said, "Do good, find good.". Moreover, doing good deeds gives us a clear conscience, smoothening and brightening our future. The fruit of good deeds will always be for our good. Those who follow the teaching of this proverb "As you sow, So shall you reap" will definitely achieve success in life and also be in the heart of the people.

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