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Essay on The importance of debate clubs in school

The importance of debate clubs in school

Students of all skill levels contribute to the debate. Debate teaches useful skills for several academic pursuits and for everyday life in general. One of the most obvious benefits of debate is that debaters build their confidence speaking in public and explaining their ideas clearly. As a result, debate teams are valued for teaching students public speaking, grace under pressure, and critical thinking. Student debaters have several advantages, regardless of whether they are part of a debate team on campus or whether they debate as members of a political club.

Student debate has the capability to deeply engage the students in relevant learning and to inspire them to become deep thinkers through fostering rational thinking, citizenship, manners, organization of thoughts, persuasion, and public speaking.  Debate tests and builds students' ability to see both sides of an issue by forcing them to consider both sides. Debaters exercise their analytical muscles by finding the weak points in their opponents' arguments.

Abilities Increases by Debate

Debate help us to increase skills in speaking in front of audiences, it boost confidence in student. It also help to increase our in knowledge in various topics. It also help in improving critical thinking skills and quick thinking about arguments. Student have to be either with the topic or against the topic. By arguing with other students, their speaking skill will be boosted and they will be able to answers the questions in debate. Debate societies provide students with the opportunity to discuss their own ideas without fear of favoritism. A good debater should accept the arguments of the opponents with a spirit of liberalism. Debate helps to take stand for his/her own ideas on the topic.

Debate Formats

An argument in a debate usually involves one side arguing in favor (pro) while the other side argues against it (con). In some debate formats, each member speaks, but in others, a team selects one member to speak on behalf of the group. 

Teams are given points based on the strength of their arguments and their professionalism. One team is usually declared the winner, and that team advances to the next round.

Debate can be proceed by as follows:
  • The topic is discussed and teams take positions (pros and cons).
  • The teams discuss their topics and formulate statements expressing their opinions. The teams deliver their statements and summarize the key points.
  • Teams discuss the opposition's arguments and prepare rebuttals than they present their rebuttals.
  • At the end, Both team have to give their closing statements.

Spirit of Debate

Debating society must not cause any ill-feeling among students and students should not underestimate their opponents. Students should learn the important point from their opponents to be good debaters. Debating societies will lose their very purpose if we do not accept the right views of others and if we fail to consider the reasonable arguments of the opponents. A debating society should compete with the spirit of a sportsman. Through debate, we are trying to reach closer to the truth.


Debate is not about winning or losing. We debate to come closer to the truth or to conclude the topic. It will help student to build skills in speaking and acquire knowledge about the term to be debated. It gives ideas to students from where to collect information and how to work with team. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should schools/colleges have debate team?
Ans. Debate teams provide students with an opportunity to make educated opinions about real-world situations and show them the importance of keeping an open mind and disagreeing civilly.

2. How can debate help students?
Ans. Debate help students to increase skills in speaking in front of audiences, it boost confidence. It also help to increase knowledge in various topics. It also help in improving critical thinking skills and quick thinking about arguments. 

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