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Essay on Should student take part in politics

 Should student take part in politics?

Asserting, retaining, and influencing political power means all activities relating to the actions and policies of a government or influencing actions by the government. Political movements involve active participation, marches, public meetings, shouting political slogans, and condemning a party. 
When a student is in school or in college, he must not think of anything else except studying. Even Lenin, the Russian leader, said that a student's main duty is to study. Politics is the science of government. Students shouldn't join political parties, since it will divert their interest from their studies. Only mature adults should get involved in politics. They can be members of political parties, and work for the welfare of their parties. Students should not join any political parties.

Students organize themselves into student unions (political parties) with the same political and social philosophy. These student associations can be viewed as comparable to the politicians at the state and national level.  A university serves as a small constituency with a political party. In most cases, the name of the student wing at a university is different from the name of its original organization.

Participation in Politics by Students

The dirty and cheap politics of national parties have become the basis of the fight at universities. Occasionally, it takes the form of violence or crime on campus, obstructing the studies. There are some student leaders who misuse their positions for their own political and personal gain. These activities are often designed to draw media attention and gain publicity.
But politics is also good in various aspects. As it can help to change the environment of college/Universities. Political leader works for student and help them to get better studies and also help to fight against wrong laws of college/Universities. 

Political parties on Students

Today many political parties are taking advantage of students for their selfish ends. They incite students to organize strikes, pickets, and procession but students get no real benefit from such actions. Student politics is also misused by national political parties, which turn these individuals into heroes and offer them tickets to state and national elections. What they forget is that they are setting an example for the youth that ought not to be followed.
Political parties use students as assets to win election. Even they give ticket to student to fight election but they don't know that they are spoiling students studies which will make them suffer in future. But also in politics their are many good parties who support student for their studies and keep away from politics.

Politics and Study

Students should be aware that universities and colleges are educational institutions and not political bases, and they should keep a balance between their political involvement and their studies. Youth should be kept out of unhealthy politics. They are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and they need to move in the right direction. They are a powerhouse of potential that should be utilized.
Education should be first priority for students as it will help them in future to achieve something. Politics is also important but it should be second priority as it will help them to change the future of nation. Political knowledge and political ideology should be obtained by students before they get involved in active politics. Student organizations need to understand the inherent responsibility they possess and guide youth in the right direction.


Student should first gain political knowledge. Politics are dirty games. Politicians use any means to gain power. So students won't learn anything from politicians. Politics is a game of convenience. In order to change the way we view politics, students should prioritize their education.

FAQ(Frequently asked Question)

1. Should student take part in politics argument?
Ans. Yes, Student should take part in politics argument as it imparts leadership qualities to them.

2. Why should we learn politics?
Ans. The core value of political systems should be accountability in order to ensure the well-being of the people if something goes wrong. People should learn politics to ask questions to their leaders.

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