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Essay on Pollution

 Essay on Pollution

Pollution is increasing day by day which is a major threat for societies. Pollution leads to acid rain, smog, depletion of the ozone layer, diseases, etc which leads to major health issues for humans as well as other species. Pollution can be reduced by using techniques, planting trees, and many more which we will discuss prior.

People should come together to fight against pollution as the government can't do it all alone. People have to be supportive of the government on such issues. They should clean their house and do not spread trashπŸ—‘️ nearby and put this trash into Dustbin.

There are various types of pollution:
  1. Soil Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution
  4. Air Pollution

Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution is caused due to toxic chemicals which are released by industries. Deforestation (cutting of trees) is the major cause of soil pollution due to which animals came to town and cities which also disturb the biodiversity. 
Soil Pollution can cause drought.

By trashing chemicals, plastic, etc can cause soil pollution.

Farmers used synthetic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizer to increase the yield in limited field areas to meet the increasing demand for food. Synthetic chemical deep into the ground and reduce the fertility of the soil
This can be reduced by using organic farming techniques. By these techniques, we can maintain soil fertility. We can also come over through soil pollution by planting more and more trees (afforestation).

Water Pollution:

Water Pollution is also caused by industrial toxic wastes which are flushed away to sea, river, lake. These things are dangerous for future as it harms biodiversity badly. Fish 🐠 and other aquatic animals are dying due to this industrial wastes. 
Water pollution cause due to industrial wastes

Water Pollution is caused due to plastics, wastes, etc.

Water is polluted due to sewage. We can know water is contaminated in two ways:
  • Chemical Indicators: Take samples of the water and measure the concentrations of different chemicals that it contains. If their dangerous chemicals are found then water is polluted.
  • Biological Indicators: In this case, if the river doesn't support fish lives then water is contaminated.
Water pollution can be reduced by dumping the waste in the earth, not in the river, sea. 

Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution is caused due by the horn of vehicles, heavy machines of industries, and many more. According to World Health Organization(WHO), sound above 70 dB can cause damage to living organisms.
By watching television in loud sound, listening to music can be the cause of headaches.
Types of noise pollution:
  1. Man-made Noise Pollution:  The noise which comes through man-made objects like the construction work, sound through television πŸ“Ί , music 🎧  box, vehicles πŸš–,  etc.
  2. Environmental Noise Pollution: The noise which comes through environmental activities like the sound of animals, sound by cloud when it's raining πŸŒ‚, due to thunderstorms ⚡, etc.
This can be reduced by planting trees as they are good noise absorbent. To overcome the noise πŸ”Š of television πŸ“Ί, use curtains in rooms as they absorb sound.

Air Pollution:

Air Pollution is caused by vehicles πŸš–, industry 🏭, and many more. It is a major health risk in the world and it also damages environment and agriculture field. Air pollution can affect the health of person like they can suffer from heartache, asthama, amd many more. 
Industrial smoke which causes air pollution

Smog is caused due to air pollution

Air pollution leads to smog, depletion of ozone layer, etc. It can be defined in two types:

  1. Outdoor air pollution: This can be caused by burning of coal, smoke of cigarettes, chemicals like sulphur, etc.
  2. Indoor air pollution: This can be caused by carbon monoxide, households chemicals, etc.
Cigarettes cause major health issues like lungs cancer also is the major cause of air pollution


 According to world health organization (WHO), chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone are major health risk.

This can be reduced by planting more and more trees (afforestation). Government are using techniques to reduce pollution, people should support them.


Pollution are major threat for society. This can affect our health as well as of other creatures. This is majorly caused by vehicles, industries, deforestation, etc. This can be reduced by planting trees, using techniques.

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