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Essay on education

Essay on Education 

Essay on Education

Education play key role in the development of individual, society as well as for country. It help a person to be well disciplined, motivated towards something and to find their goals from childhood. It helps to build personality as well as empowerment of abilities. Getting good education is the right of every citizen.

 India is a developing country which needs more empowerment which they can get through education. For the growth of economic sector they need people to be educated. So that they could know about their abilities. What they are specialized for and what they can do for their country health and wealth issues.

Every state runs government schools for free education. So that children get to know their values which will help them to pursue next level of education. They learned disciplines in their school. So that they could apply these things and made their life easy.

There are three basic components in education in India:

  1. General education- This type of education they get in their schools. In which they learn all basic subjects like Science, social science, math, English, and regional language. They also learn disciplines, sports activities as well as activities like dancing, singing, drawing, etc. Here, they can decide their goals.
  2. Technical education: This type of education they get in their college. In which they learn methods, techniques to construct, research, develop and, many more. They learn technical issues which help to secure their by doing jobs or business in their field.
  3. Vocational education: Vocational education is education that educates students for specific work like a trade, a craft, as a technician. They could also learn professional vocation. Vocational education some time leads to career education or technical education.
For the age of 3 to 17, they learn from nursery to Matric. After they complete their intermediate or do diploma. After which they choose vocational or technical education to learn to increase their abilities and skills to do jobs or businesses which can increase economic sector of country.

For education, there are two types of Institutions in India:
  • Private Institutions
  • Government Institutions
Private Institutions: Institutions which are owned by an individual or run by non-state entity. To learn in this type of Institute, you have to self-financed. Private can also run by an organisation. 
Government Institutions: Institutions which are run by state entity. In this type of Institutes people can learn free or at low costs. After the completion of intermediate, they take entrance exam to take admissions.
This type of Institutes help country to increase their literacy rate.

Education helps in the growth of social activities:

Education helps in understanding social importance. It tells us ,how to live in a society, give respect to elders and many more things which helps them to live a good life.
If you are a business man or a service man, you should talk properly to everyone which is learned in school, colleges. Discpline is the important factor in society which balance your life properly.

 Education helps in the growth of economic sector:

Economic sector can grow, if country's people are literate and disciplined. They should be answerable of their task and give values to their business and jobs. Education is necessary to learn how to decorate or make things more attractive or their work. Education helps to increase in the economic growth of country. 
Education will increase research which will increase in productivity that will help in the growth of country's economic sector.

Education helps to make their life disciplined and focused:

Education helps us to be disciplined, motivates and focused on our goals. For example, If you want to become a doctor than after matric you will select Biology as a main subject in intermediate than you will learn as per your goal. Education will help you fight for your rights.


Education is the major need of people in nowdays. It helps us to fight for our rights, growth of business, do service jobs, finding good doctor for treatment, living a disciplined life, not wasting your time in unwanted things and many more. Education helps in growth of economic sector, taking parts in social activities, thinking šŸ¤” whether it's right or wrong. Therefore education is necessary for everyone.

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