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Essay on Violence in the media promote violence in society

 The presence of violence in media promotes violence

The media is often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy due to its influence on public opinion. In this ultramodern society, the role of media has continued to grow day by day. It has become a sagacious watchdog of India.

The first striking fact we encounter when discussing the relationship between media and society is how violence portrayed in media can have an effect on people. All studies in this field starting at the beginning of the 20th century have shown how violent content affects people. Today, violence is frequently featured in newspapers, television, cinema, and in most virtual environments due to a desire to reach a wider audience and earn more income.
As a result of broadcasting violent content over the internet, violence is encouraged among people. This essay is in full agreement with this statement, as the viewing of brutal videos on television has a negative impact on the students' minds, and terrorist groups use social media to promote hatred towards other people.

Impact of violence in the media

On average, young children spend around five hours watching video, like movies or cartoons, over the television. Most of the movies today include some form of physical violence, such as brutal murders, riots and rape. Hence, these young ones are exposed to crime and brutality at a very young age and begin to believe that violence is okay, if it is necessary. This is exemplified by an increase in the number of cases of children being physically abused at school. 

Various studies have shown that exposure to violence through the media has four main effects on us. These are 
  1. Incitement to aggression 
  2. Fear of victimization
  3. Depersonalization
  4. Appetite effects

Role of social media in violence

These days, social media has become quite popular because of its easy-to-use features. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others are allowing people to connect with others across distances. According to some, social media is one of the most harmful elements in society. If not monitored, it can have grave consequences.
Videos of mass killings, people being slaughtered in the name of religion are often shared on social media by terror groups as part of their plan to create unrest among the people and divide them based on religion. By showing this content, they incite the public to join them.

Awareness of not promoting violence

We all know that "Violence in media promote violence in society". Violent acts spread faster in a society when they are perceived as normal, natural, and acceptable as part of daily life, instead of being understood as wrong, harmful, illegal, and criminal. Violence shouldn't be promoted on media. Sometime violence happen in some places than in news it should be shown as wrong move. People need to know what's legal and what's illegal in the news so that they can judge what's going on in  the society. 
Additionally, people who are creating movies that are watched by children and students should not be violent. If they watch what a child actor or actress is doing, they think these things are normal in society. I think this will send the wrong message to students. As recently in Mumbai, Sixth class student killed a student as he wasn't giving him seat in the bus.
We should take all necessary precaution for not showing violence in media to control violence.


"Violence in the media promote violence in society" means violence that are shown in media directly affect the life of people which make them to think what going in society and where to take part. Due to which sometime brutal murders, riots or sometime rape happens. Violence shouldn't be promoted by any means. We should live our life in peaceful way.

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