Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Essay on Education should be free

 Education Should be Free

Education is necessary for all of us. We are living in 21st era where all of us want to be educated and have secure life. We all want equality which can be given by education. Education should be free, if education is free of cost then all of us (poor or rich) have option to secure their life.

Education is very important for all us. It help us to learn discipline, manner to live life. Free education encourage students to compete with others and helps to live better life. By education they know more about world that how some people make good decision for their countries. They will understand the issues of everyone.

Many people have issues with their financial condition due to which they don't send their child to study in school. Their child work on small scale hotel(Dhaba). Many children complete their matric or Higher Secondary and then they discontinue their further studies due to their financial condition. Therefore, government should take proper action to provide free education to children who cant afford. 

Education plays important role in the growth of any country. Country which have maximum literacy, they handle all their issues peacefully as people and government both understand their responsibility. There are many more benefits of more literacy rate.

Free education will help people to make their life stable , and it help to manage or handle the situation of climate threats. As we are moving towards technology, to use it we must be educated as it has both harmful as well as useful effects. free education will give courage to many parents to have their children educated. 

There were many government school and college which provide free education but many people don't want their children to study in that school due to lack of quality of education. Government should take care of quality of education and provide many more opportunities to explore the world. By learning quality education can make students more disciplined and they will get success earlier or can find the way to get success which also help country in development.

Despite of free education, there are many type of scholarship given to people who can't afford. Education is for everyone and those who want to study can get studied in India.


Education should be free for all citizen to get equal opportunity to get success despite of  family income issues. It will encourage all student to secure their life and plays important role in the development of  their country.

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