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Essay on Smartphone is dangerous for students

 The smartphone is dangerous for students

Essay on Smartphone is dangerous for students

It has been decades since mobile phones revolutionized our society, bringing both advantages and disadvantages. Everyday life is dominated by smartphones, which are pocket-sized devices in addition to being minicomputers. Nowadays, cell phones have become a necessity for carrying out the tasks of daily living that a man has to do in order to survive. However, the disadvantages of smartphones outweigh the advantages. 

Why smartphone is dangerous for students?

Using a smartphone impacts children's brains directly, leading to mental problems; academic abilities deterioration; behaviour changes may occur, all of which may result in serious problems in children. Despite being in the same room, children will use their phones rather than conversing with their parents, resulting in more misunderstandings between them. Students are distracted by smartphones a lot. This makes it hard for them to concentrate on their studies. They utilize their phones for games, watching movies, and web series, listening to music, and browsing social media. This negatively affects their grades.

Smartphone is dangerous for students

Causes Health Issues

Children's brains receive twice as much smartphone radiation as adults' brains because children's neural systems are still growing, making them more vulnerable to this "carcinogen". As a result, children will have a disruption in their sleep schedule, and feel sleepy, and feel tired. If children are affected by this, their health and vision may be negatively affected.

Social Disturbance and Moral decline due to smartphone

Social Disturbance and Moral Decline

In this digital world, there is a lot of unsuitable content. The pull of the virtual world is so strong, it increases social discord and moral confusion among young people who are too young to know the difference between fact and fiction. 

Cybercrime and cyberbullying cannot be addressed by students due to their lack of maturity and presence of mind. Due to psychological bullying they might endure at the hands of cyber bullies, they suffer from depression and low self-esteem as a result of the negative elements present in the virtual world


Students are wasting their time and money excessively using smartphones, so it is important to limit the use of smartphones. Smartphones can be beneficial for communication, but they can also cause destruction if misused. To ensure that their children's activities are under control, parents need to keep an eye on their smartphones. All this showed that Smartphone is dangerous for students as it causes mental problems, sleep disorder and so on.

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