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Essay on Should students go to private coaching classes

 Should students go to private coaching classes?

Essay on Should students go to private coaching classes

There are both advantages and disadvantages of going to private coaching classes. If there is a need then or a student is weak in any individual subject then there is a necessity of joining private coaching classes. Nowadays most students are joining coaching classes as a trend or to be cool in their school. Many of them also join private coaching classes of their school teacher in order to get good marks in school but this will only decrease their strength and focus on studies. Students should only prefer private coaching classes if there is a need otherwise it is only a waste of time and money.

Benefits of private coaching classes

Benefits of Private Coaching Classes

The benefits of private coaching classes have long been evident. The classes provide children with the correct guidance they need to make the most of their free time. As a result, coaching is beneficial to both the students and the teachers, as it helps students to clear their doubts and understand the subjects in a better way. It helps students think outside of their limits, which allows them to come to new conclusions and gain perspectives on many different things. Providing correct guidance is one of the primary functions of coaching institutes as students of higher classes are required to prepare for board exams, competitive exams, and entrance exams of IITs, NEET and many more. The coaching institutes are helpful in both academic guidance and career guidance. They can help students through the admissions process and help them choose the right career path based on their interests and academic records. A coaching institute gives each student individual attention because in school teachers have to manage a large number of students in every class and tend to cover the syllabus for each subject in the time allotted. In coaching institutes, on the other hand, the focus is on the learning and development of students as per their needs, which makes it difficult for teachers to focus on each student.

Drawbacks of private coaching classes

Drawbacks of private coaching classes

The cost of education is increasing every year and students seeking extra help to study with coaching institutes in order to score well on tests increases the cost of education. The cost of coaching institutes is also difficult for parents to afford alongside high tuition fees at school, but they do so in order to ensure that their child performs well in school. As an example, some teachers from the school offer tuition and parents send their children to this tuition because they believe they will get the necessary attention and assistance in academics. When teachers at schools think of tuition as an extra income, they don't teach students properly in order to force students to join their private coaching classes. School follows a generic pattern for each batch of each class, while coaching institutes follow a personalised pattern for each student. This forces students to balance school work with coaching classes.

Private coaching classes as a trend

Private Coaching Classes as a trend

Tuitions are fast becoming a popular method of educating Indian children. Even children whose homework has to be completed are getting coaching classes to complete their homework. Parents and students suggested that competition was severe even in the classroom of a school. The coaching fever spread across the country during the early seventies. Tutors were hired because teachers gave homework and students were not guided. Therefore, professional coaching institutes were established in the mid-eighties as a platform for academic and competitive success for individuals or centres of coaching.


Should students go to private coaching classes

In preparation for board exams, competitive exams, and entrance exams, coaching institutes are becoming increasingly important, especially for students in class 9 to class 12. It is not necessary for those students who are good at academics to enroll in private coaching classes to prepare for these exams. In addition, students may consider private coaching only for the subject they need extra assistance with when they feel they need to join private coaching classes to learn better and do well in these competitive examinations. The importance of self-study and support from teachers at school should also be emphasized by students and can make them able to succeed in any competitive examination.

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