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Essay on Procrastination in Student's Life

 Essay on Procrastination in Student's Life

A person who procrastinates is someone who delays an intended action or decision until it becomes uncomfortable for them to do so. It is based on the illusory idea that later is better '. There are times when we procrastinate and delay essential work for a later date. This is essentially procrastinating. It is deliberately delaying any task.


Many people suffer from procrastination, especially students. They put off doing their homework and studying for the futurebelieving they have time to do so. The student, however, will gradually lose interest in studyingand instead will engage in something else that isn't as helpfulEven if they miss a few points here and there from lower studies and incomplete work, people tend to think this isn't a problem until they start skipping classes, which is one of the worst things you can do in college.

Nevertheless, procrastination can be good thing at times, especially if done enough. If done enough, you will become accustomed to doing things last minute, which could help you deal with pressure when your boss asks you to do something. Furthermore, doing this habit for extended amounts of time could help you learn to deal with pressuresuch as when you have a big paper due the next morning and you must keep your cool to avoid being distracted when you write the paper. 

Why do we procrastinate?

Procrastination can be caused by a number of reasons, ranging from person-to-person to circumstance-to-circumstance. However, there are some universal reasons that cause people to delay their tasks and actions. One of the most important reasons is fear of failure. Students are especially at risk of this problem, because they put off their homework and studies for later, thinking they will have plenty of time to complete themAs a resulteducation is compromised. When a student's focus drifts, the task becomes more difficult and takes more time to complete. 

Approximately one-third of students waste time procrastinating. Procrastination can take many forms. For example, if you have an assignment due on Monday morning, but you spend your weekend skiing with your friends instead of studying, you could be procrastinatingIt is common for students to procrastinate and avoid tasks out of fear and anxiety. One of these fears is that one will do poorlylose control, look stupid, and lose interest in life.

Tricks to avoid procrastination

To overcome procrastination, it is best to identify distractions and their possible solutions, as well as to complete the work on time. It is a very natural phenomenon, but when it gets out of control, it can be quite troublesome. Excessive procrastination can leave you unable to manage your time and schedule. You might also benefit from a change of work environment. It can give you the boost to stop procrastinating and get the job doneHave a friend or parent check in on your progress. It helps keep your motivation levels up and encourages you.

overcome procrastinate

When students procrastinate, they should think about the good things that will come about when they stop procrastinating. Put up reminders or notes in prominent places, such as the refrigerator, to remind them to take action.


It is tough to leave bad habits. Don't expect that you can suddenly break free from your procrastinating habits in the next few weeks. Be realistic and figure out the strategies that work best for you. Practice them. You'll notice small improvements in your procrastinating habits.  It can be fixed with time if a person makes effort.

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