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Essay on Science a Blessing or a Curse

Science: A Blessing or A Curse

Essay on Science A Blessing or A Curse

Scientists have become an integral part of modern life. That is why we have been able to reach the moon because of the progress of science. There are still more discoveries in science's future. Humanity has made significant progress in multiple fields of endeavour due to the advances made in the field of science, right from the stone age to the modern age. In addition to acquiring more and more, man has been inventing new things to make life easier, more enjoyable, and more comfortable through the help of science which makes it a blessing but when it destroys human life it becomes a curse.

Science as a Great Blessing

In view of the discoveries and inventions of science, one can easily say that science is a blessing. Scientists have made the world a better and more comfortable place. Science may prove a faithful servant if applied properly and wisely. Agribusiness has also been helped by science. Production levels and quality of food have improved through soil analysis, hybrid varieties of crops, fertilizers, pesticides, advanced tools and machinery, improved irrigation methods, etc. The result is more food being produced and more food being eaten. Science has contributed the most to transport and communication. We are able to travel by car, bus, train, etc. thanks to science. Science has shortened distances and saved our time. 

Science as a Great Blessing in the field of Medical Science

Essay on Science a blessing or a curse in medical

The science of humanity has helped man extend life, arrest the gradual decay of the body and make life-extending drugs and medicines that are among the most effective in the world. Today, a number of diseases that were once considered incurable, like tuberculosis and many types of cancer, are no longer fatal. In the field of medical science, revolutions have transformed life for the better. New drugs and injections have been developed to treat fearful and deadly diseases, and delicate operations are being developed to spare patients' lives.

Science as a Great Blessing in the field of Entertainment

Scientific advancements in entertainment are among the greatest accomplishments of science. Satellite television has made it possible for millions of people to watch sporting events and entertainment events through television shows, concerts, and movies at their convenience in the twenty-first century.

Science as a Curse

When science destroys human beings and property in war, it is a serious curse. Now that we have discovered poisonous gases, deadly bombs and destructive tanks, wars are more fearful and destructive than ever. With the discovery of atomic bombs, the mouth of death has been opened wide for human life. This shows how science becomes a curse or a bad master when it develops weapons of war and destruction for human existence. This is the most serious problem of our time. The most detrimental effects of scientific advancement are environmental pollution, which is increasing every day. Global warming and environmental pollution, the end results of extensive application of modern science in everyday life, are destroying lives as well.


A good servant of science or blessing can also be a curse. However, science should be used for human happiness and world peace and should not be used for wartime. This is the most pressing need of our time. Ultimately, it is up to us to decide which face of science we would like to see. Using science as a positive force with a constructive intention and in a positive direction will benefit humanity, but if we misuse it, we will end up harming all. We must use the gift of science properly in order to prevent ourselves and the world from being destroyed.

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