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Essay on Dowry System is a Curse

 Dowry System is a Curse

Essay on Dowry System is a Curse

In India, dowry has been followed for quite a long time. Our forefathers came up with this system for valid reasons, but it is now causing problems in society. Despite the fact that governments have barred the practice in some countries, the Dowry system is still widely used in many countries, including India. The Dowry system is a curse on our society. This system can be found in cultures and religions in which the daughter and the son were not equally divided between them. Dowry remains in society as the times change, but its meaning changes as well. 

How Dowry System came into Existence

How Dowry System came into existence in India

Dowries were given to the bride by her parents as a "gift" to ensure she would be financially independent after getting married. The concept was very clear. Parents of the bride gave money, land, assets to their daughter as a "Gift" so that she would be financially secure after getting married. The British restricted women's possessions when they came into power. Women were not allowed to own any property, land or assets. Therefore, men began to own the "gifts" that the bride's parents gave to her. As a result, parents of the brides were no longer looking at their daughters as sources of income, but instead hated their daughters and desired only sons. Due to the fact that women didn't have equal rights with grooms, the parents of the bride's parents started demanding dowries. And since then, they have been using this rule in order to gain an advantage over the bride's parents. The use of violence for the purpose of extorting gifts from brides' families has been a widespread practice to keep women dependent upon their husbands after they get married.

Need of the hour against Dowry System

Essay on Dowry System is a Curse

As a result of dowry systems in today's society, many poor parents find it difficult to get their daughters married without a dowry. This results in poor parents taking out marriage loans. Every day, more than a dozen women are killed and many more are harassed and victimized. Some commit suicide after suffering extreme sufferings and mental tortures for refusing to pay dowry demands. Few cases are ever prosecuted. Dowry should be abolished as it is a taboo in our society and every woman should be proud to visit her in-laws. In India, 5 out of 10 families are affected by dowry. Although the government has enacted several legislations, this practice still persists in our society. Thus, we all need to take action to combat this issue. Starting with our own families is the first step. At home, boys and girls should be treated equally and provided with equal opportunities. They should both be educated and provided access to a full range of resources. Bringing up a daughter to be educated and free is the greatest gift that a parent can give to her. Education will help her become financially stable and a valuable member of the family, as well as earn respect from those around her. The marriage registration authority must keep a record of all dowry receipts and payments to protect in case of separation or unwanted incidents in the future. Parents can remove this curse from our society only if they have the courage. Secondly, legal amendments must be made. Laws, without a doubt, establish a pattern of behaviour, engage social conscience, and aid efforts to reform them. 

Essay on Dowry System is a Curse


If the groom's parents demand money as a "dowry" then that is completely illegal. Dowry is a good system as long as it is considered as a gift given to the bride by her parents. A sacred ceremony such as marriage represents the union of two souls who are to live together through their whole lives. If we let money decide for us, the sanctity of marriage will be undermined.

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