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Program to reverse a number with full Explanation


Program to reverse a number with full Explanation

Here we will discuss, how we reverse a number.

When someone asks you to reverse number 4586, then you easily say that it will be 6854. But if someone asks you to write a program to reverse a number, then it will be little bit harder.

So here we will learn with the full explanation that how we will write a program to reverse a number.

Let’s start,

We have a plus point in C that when we divide a number it simply gives us dividend, not a remainder or a decimal value.

For example,

            458/10= 45 (according to the C )

So we will use it.

To reverse a number we have to first take its last digit.

 Like we have a number 4567

To get 7, we will

                                    4567-(4567/10)*10=7 (as per C language)




                                    45-(45/10)*10=5  and so on.

Now we will make this single-digit number into a number. So, we will write a reverse program.

Int num,rev=0,rem;




 This code will help us to reverse the number like

            Rev =0

Therefore, when the remainder will be the last digit then it will be

            Rev=0*10 + rem

After this step, we will write


This statement will convert 3 digit number into 2 digit number and then into 1 digit number.

 For example,

348/10=34 (According to C)

34/10=3 and so on.

And as we write a loop program. So it will keep calculating until the number becomes reverse.

The full program to reverse a number is as follows:


 int main()    


int n,r=0, rem;    

printf("Enter the value of a: ");    

  scanf("%d", &n);    







  printf("Reversed Number is %d",r);    

return 0;  



That’s all for the program of reverse number.

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